About Us

In 1982, Roger Beresford established Suffolk Clinic, initially, as an Acupuncture Clinic, at Suffolk House in the Butts. Moving to Spencer Road in 1985, Suffolk Clinic expanded. While acupuncture continued to play a major role at Suffolk Clinic, Roger extended its services to support patients who wouldn't necessarily benefit from acupuncture alone. Given Roger's interest in sport, early disciplines to be added to Suffolk Clinic involved sports injury rehabilitation, which makes Suffolk Clinic one of the longest established sports injury clinics in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

In 1990, Ann Taplin joined Suffolk Clinic and introduced Reiki Healing, complementing the other services offered by the clinic. She has recently extended these to include Ear Irrigation and Hopi Ear Candling.

In 2005, Chiropractic treatment was included in the services offered to its patients when Rosalind Beresford, Roger's daughter-in-law, joined the team at the clinic.

Also in 2005, Anne Baker joined the Suffolk clinic offering Homeopathy.

As you can see, over the years, Suffolk Clinic has responded to patients health needs by providing a greater range of therapies. Today, Suffolk Clinic offers a considerable range of treatments, which means that those contacting the clinic are likely to find a solution to their health problems.