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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00 pm.

Currently there are appointments available, and are subject to whether appointments are in person, telephone or online. Please make contact to find out more details.

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Generally speaking, Counselling is a ‘Talking Therapy’ for people experiencing distress or unease and seeking change in their lives. Therapy can be incredibly transformative, providing a sense of relief, clarity, renewed optimism and hopefulness.

Counsellors do not diagnose or are able to prescribe medication. Yet, where appropriate and with client consent, often work alongside other Professionals within the Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector, as part of a package of care.

Many people seek Therapy for a variety of reasons. By no means an exhaustive list, but usually in the following areas;

Anxiety, Anger management, Bereavement, Complex Loss, Cultural concerns, Depression, Identity, Personal development, Post-Traumatic Stress, Relationships, Self-esteem, Sexuality, Stress, Trauma, Work related issues.

Any Adverse Experience or Suppressed Trauma, even if we don’t think of it as traumatic, can stay with us. Often, manifesting in myriad of coping techniques that require increasing amounts of energy to maintain. This exhausting process can eventually take its toll on a person’s Physical and Psychological Wellbeing.

Life is also full of transitions; growing older, moving away, relationally connecting and separating, changing jobs, and unexpected loss …etc. Difficult relationships, new situations, unexpected loss or confusion about who we are or what we want, can make us feel ‘stuck’, emotionally overwhelmed, feel a sense of despair or hopelessness, “lost or in a rut” or a sense of “dissatisfaction” with ourselves and our lives.

Overall, Life can be complex and challenging. Human beings, are not infallible and each person’s experiences and responses toward the unpredictability of life, will differ greatly from one person to the next. Everybody at some point experiences distress or unease, and needs someone trustworthy and dependable alongside them.

How can Counselling and Psychotherapy help?

For various reasons not everyone can talk openly about aspects of themselves or their lives. Therapy provides a confidential, non-judgemental and empathic space for people to speak to a Registered and Qualified Professional about their issues and concerns in privacy.

It can take immense courage to acknowledge the need for and reach out for support, and also to with stand the process of therapy. Sometimes all a person needs is someone whom is willing to listen empathically and without burdening with advice, opinions or judgement; Sometimes there is enough of that from the outside world. To be attuned and provide emotional safety whilst, they off load, make sense of and muster the strength to make these changes themselves. This process can be extremely empowering for people wanting to take charge of their lives.

Broaching therapy not in crisis, but with an inquisitive and self-compassionate nature, can open a new window onto your internal world to help you welcome fresh perspective on your external reality. An abundance of family, social, cultural and environmental factors can impact on us and influence who we are, how we experience ourselves and others. We all have patterns of relating and responding, and understanding these can improve our understanding of both the relationship we have with ourselves and others.

Counsellors seek to reassure you not to be fearful but, inquisitive about your emotions: their origins, the purpose they serve, and your holistic responses to them; for this self-awareness can be incredibly informative. While we don’t necessarily overcome emotions, by understanding them, we can learn to integrate them.

Overall, Counsellors refer from giving opinions or advice, but work collaboratively with clients’ unique circumstances. By building a respectful empathic, non-judgemental and honest relationship, Counsellors empower clients to safely explore any felt trauma, distress or discomfort without feeling completely overwhelmed. Extend conscious awareness and understanding of themselves and others, and discover effective tools and strategies. That in turn, enable themselves to find solutions to restore or find the relationships, wellbeing and life they desire.

Types of Therapy

There are many Therapeutic Approaches, that draw upon numerous tools, techniques and creative measures to help people safely connect with themselves, articulate their felt difficulties, and evoke the change/healing people are searching for. Counsellors will discuss this with you.

Finding the right Counsellor/Psychotherapist

It’s important to be reassured that your therapist is suitably qualified, experienced and are competent to meet your needs.

Here at Suffolk Clinic our qualified and experienced Counsellor Donna, holds a BA Person-Centred Counselling Degree; The University of Warwick, is Registered with the Accredited Ethical Body; The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, holds an Enhanced DBS, Professional Liability Insurance, and attends mandatory Clinical Supervision.

As founder of Inner Ocean Counselling and Psychotherapy, Donna has held many differing responsible roles over the past 20 years, within both Public and Charitable Sectors in the Midlands, providing support to Adults, Young People and Families experiencing distress/ difficulty. By no means an exhaustive list, in areas relating to; Trauma, Stress, PTS, Abuse, Identity, Culture and Sexuality, Disability, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Justice System involvement, Relationship Difficulties, Bereavement, Child loss, Complex Loss, health issues, Life Limiting/Terminal illness, Motivation, Self Esteem /Confidence and Personal Development.

At present, alongside Private Practice, Donna also provides Counselling Services for a Registered Charity whom provide Counselling for individuals and their family/friends affected by a Cancer diagnosis or bereavement.

Aside from this, Fundamental to experiencing the full benefits of therapy, is an open, honest and transparent relationship with your therapist. During the telephone consultation you will have the opportunity to ask Donna questions and get a ‘feel’ to see if you can work well together. How is Therapy delivered?

Where possible Therapy aims to be flexible to accommodate both client preference and circumstances.

Therapy can take place either;

  • In Person here at the Suffolk Clinic
  • Online
  • Telephone

Therapy Time scales;

  • long term
  • Short term
  • Time- limited

Appointment Details

Counselling appointments are planned, regular and last for 50 minutes.

For many experiencing difficulty and distress, financial circumstances can change. Often, the cost of accessing mental wellbeing services can then be difficult. If you find yourself under these circumstances, please make contact as a concessionary space may be available.

Initial Enquiries

It is important that people find the right support for their needs in a timely manner. For this reason, all enquiries will be followed up by a Telephone call within 48 hours, if not sooner, offering a 20-minute free consultation, with no obligation to continue. In the best interests of those that whom are unable to be open about seeking support, please state this in your enquiry and your availably to receive this call, and our counsellor will aim to accommodate.

Contact Details

During this time, we can briefly discuss, availability, any of your concerns or questions around Counselling, what you would like to get from therapy and how this may be worked towards. If you decide to proceed, a Counselling Appointment can be scheduled.

What to expect during appointments?

The first scheduled appointment is an opportunity to gain further in-depth understanding to your struggles, desired goals or outcomes, risk assess, answer any concerns around counselling, frequency of your appointments and ethical working terms.

Whatever you bring to therapy, will be worked with sensitively, compassionately and worked through at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Once the sessions begin, many find they begin to address a number of their issues. Exposing vulnerable parts of ourselves, that you may not have shared with anyone before, can seem at first unnerving, a real leap of faith even. Trust takes time to build, but rest assure your counsellor will be with you every step of the way.

Having the courage and strength to reach out for support can seem a daunting prospect, but so can living with difficulty or discomfort. Counselling can be an important first step toward the healing and fulfilment you deserve and desire. If you feel we can help support please contact us, leaving your details on the link above.

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