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Sports Injury Rehabilitation involves musculoskeletal management, exercise-based rehabilitation and fitness. This is carried out at Suffolk Clinic by graduate sports therapists who are graduate, autonomous, healthcare practitioners.
The role of a GSR involves recognition, evaluation and assessment of musculoskeletal injuries, such as

  • muscle strains or pulls
  • ligament sprains
  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • neck pain

Management of the individual and prescribing an individual treatment plan using :-

  • massage techniques
  • mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • electrotherapy techniques including ultra-sound
  • exercise therapy

Sports Therapy FAQ

What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

Sports rehabilitation therapists undergo rigorous, degree-level training and are able not only to treat sports injuries, but also to help those with general aches and pains that were not brought about by sporting activity.

Who can benefit from Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

Anyone currently suffering with, or recovering from, an injury - be it sports related, or otherwise - can benefit from sports injury rehabilitation service.

What does Sports Injury Rehabilitation involve?

The process involves

  • Full assessment and consultation
  • Treatment plans and rehabilitation programme design

This enables us to correctly identify any muscle imbalances, faulty movement patterns and postural abnormalities, so that Suffolk Clinic can provide tailor-made, rehabilitation treatments leading to a safe return to total functionality.
The treatment tools used include

  • Postural analysis
  • Muscle testing
  • Massage
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercise and specific stretches
  • Tailored rehabilitation programmes
  • Core stability exercises
  • Lifestyle advice

Is a doctor's referral needed for treatment?

No, it is not necessary for you to get a doctor's referral.

Can I claim the cost of treatment back from my medical insurer?

Only if your insurer covers Sports Therapy treatments as this is different to Physiotherapy. We recommend checking with your insurer directly before treatment. Bring all your insurance details with you on your first visit, including your membership and authorisation numbers.

How long do the treatments last?

Treatments will last approximately 40 minutes.

How do I pay for my treatment?

If you are NOT covered by health-insurance, then we can accept payment by cash, card, or cheque.

Do I have to have a sports injury to get treatment?

No, Suffolk Clinic treats all types of injury and pain; in fact, most of our clients do not have sports injuries.

What should I wear to my first treatment session?

If it is a lower limb problem, please bring a pair of shorts. If it is for your upper body, we may need to see your back and shoulder blades; therefore, please dress accordingly.

What do I need to bring with me on my first visit?

Please bring with you any letters or x-rays from your doctor or consultant and any past information that may be relevant.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will vary, depending on your injury. Our aim is to help people regain their full potential fitness level.
We will discuss and agree a treatment plan with you during your first consultation; and this should give you an idea of how many treatments you will require. Sometimes people just have one treatment. Occasionally, people with serious injuries, or chronic pain, will need to receive treatment over several months.

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