Suffolk Clinic Testimonials

Over the years Suffolk Clinic have had many satisfied customers, many of which return to the clinic for further treatment. Here's what some of them have said about our treatments. Some people have requested their identities be kept private, so only initials are shown.

February 2015, Jaime Bray

That's a great team you got working for you. Polite, courteous, productive, thorough, knowledgeable. The difference they are making to my recovery is notable

February 2015, Female

I had a sports massage on my legs with Lewis. It made a great difference as I'm in training for Coventry half marathon

January 2015

Very friendly and understanding great advice and clear explanation given in regards to muscles and body structure

December 2014

Very pleased with them and still using them, thanks for the help

Premier Sheet Metal

We have always been pleased with the service we receive at your clinic. You make it possible for our employees to use your service and to take advantage of the fantastic treatments you offer. Such a commitment to great service is to be commended. You can be sure that we will continue to use Suffolk Clinic in the years to come

August 2014, Dean Clarke

I am a personal trainer and pretty much constantly exercising. I have been working with Bethan for amount a month and I have to say, she is amazing! She's knowledgeable, professional, likable, and puts you at ease. What else could you ask for from a sports therapist? I would highly recommend her, in fact I have to some of my clients.

June 2014

The whole operation works extremely well and gives so much confidence to the customer. I for one will be going back for more treatment.

May 2014

Great attention to detail, good service and also very knowledgeable. Have booked further sessions and have recommended the clinic to other patients.

January 2014

Very professional and friendly. A thorough assessment was undertaken prior to treatment which was beneficial

December 2013

'Lovely people, very friendly family run business and their knowledge is excellent. It seems they really want to help and will go the extra mile for you. Lovely place.'

November 2013

'The staff are always very friendly and professional and have an excellent knowledge base that enables them to treat a wide range of customers and meet their individual requirements.'

C.A.B, Male

I have attended the Suffolk Clinic for over 10 years now and have had various treatments, whenever I require them they have not only kept me at work when I have had injuries, but also get me back back to work a lot quicker when I have had trouble with my back.

The team are highly professional and really lovely people and the treatments are very unintrusive. I have paid weekly through the company I work for and paid personally and have found that the service is invaluable.
With findings recently from The Chartered Management institute that 70% of illnesses from work are due to back pain and muscle injuries, I find it hard to believe more management structures are not sending their employees to the Suffolk Clinic as a matter of course.'

C.A, 35 year old male

'Thank you for all the treatment, help, support and advice for exercises you have given to me during the past few months. When I first visted you earlier in the summer I could barely stand up straight without pain and was quickly diagnosed with sciatica.

With repeated treatments and carefully following the exercises given to me I slowly started to get better. There were no shortcuts and it took time from the position I was in previously, and I will continue the exercises everyday for the rest of my life as I am prone to back pain with such a long back.

Today I am like a new man and can once again go for long walks without having to stop to sit every few yards.'

31 year old female

'I feel this is the most sympathetic treatment for the body. Manipulation is never violent and always within the limits that the body will allow. I have always found this treatment to be effective, gentle and very good at allowing the body to gradually but securely, recover its natural balance and posture. I will always recommend it to others'

40 year old male

'My chiropractor is without doubt my 'best friend', she is able to keep me on my feet and in work without time off. It is hard to describe the peace of mind this gives me'

53 year old female

'I have been very satisfied and pleased by the care and attention I have received from my chiropractor. She has always been very helpful and honest in her assessment of my aches and pains and in what she can and can't do'

54 year old male

'Seeking treatment from my chiropractor was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I trust her completely with my back and being able to walk freely after just two treatments was amazing'

36 year old female

'My husband and I wish we had discovered McTimoney years earlier, we would not have had to put up with so much pain for so long'

62 year old male

'By making regular visits to my chiropractor I am able to carry on as normal and feel so much more comfortable'

48 year old male

'The McTimoney treatment is, in my experience, a wonderful, gentle treatment and however I feel before going to see my chiropractor, I always feel better afterwards'

Male MS - Coventry

Having tried various methods of having wax removed from my ears none of which had been successful, I attended Suffolk Clinic where I received their ear irrigation system which was painless and highly successful. I would recommend this treatment to anyone without reservation.


After many years of suffering inner ear infections and the doctors saying there was no treatment but rest I was slowly going down hill. On many occasions a friend had mentioned Hopi ear candles, but not knowing anything about it I was very sceptical. In the end I was very low and my ear infections still very much affecting me my life turned around, my health is the best it has been for years and all thanks to the hopi candle.


When I first came to for treatment I was suffering from a hormone imbalance which caused severe night sweats amongst other things. After two treatments the night sweats disappeared completely. Continued treatment has improved my overall health tremendously.


I have been suffering from migraine attacks for the past 10+ years. Symptoms being intense pain over one eye or all around the head, nausea, hyperventilation, swelling of the neck and intolerance to light. Starting with weekly treatments the incidence of attacks started to diminish as did their severity and the period between them.

RS - Coventry

I would like to say a big thank you for the Reiki treatment I had at the Suffolk Clinic for about a year.

This treatment works on both mind and body and gives you a feeling of complete relaxation.

When I first saw you I was in a very depressed and anxious state. After about three sessions I began to relax more quickly and felt so much better and able to cope with everyday life. The feeling of complete peace really worked for me and at a time when I was at my lowest.

At first I saw you every week then gradually as I got stronger we lengthened the time between each treatment until I was able to cope on my own.
I would recommend anyone to try this form of treatment as it really did work for me

Again my sincere thanks

D.O. Male

Having tried various methods of having wax removed from my ears-none of which had been successful, I attended the suffolk Clinic where I received their ear irrigation system which was painless and highly successful. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with reservation.

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